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Puck, the Immortal Fae's Journal

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Wednesday, November 13th, 2002
7:08 pm - So now I'm a vegetable...
*surveys the damage done by the no-longer present muse for a moment, before bursting out into laughter*

I expected about as much! *continues laughing*

I'm sure all of my plan shall reveal itself in good time, but for now, I have my servants to tend to.....the little sugar fiend has caused quite an unsettlement in their demeanor.

current mood: amused

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Monday, November 11th, 2002
6:16 am
Good morrow to all!

Yestereve was quite a turn out, if I do say so myself. *smiles largely* A very large "thank you" to seth_dot_com for supplying the slave girls. (Although...did the three I'd taken return with you? I could not find them in the morning. I fear that Alecto may have used them for target practice...*tries to hide an amused look that is creeping onto his face* And if not Alecto, Isis)

I had an intriguing conversation with my Uncle....*strokes his chin in thought* I have a feeling something will come of this, some sort of negotiation. Although....wether for better or for worse, one cannot say..

Seth and I spiked the punch, and the result was one very drunk Muse. *snickers proudly* We got a very interesting table-top dance from her, and then she ran around calling everyone "Ares". (gods, Uncle, how many of them do you have under your thumb? *laughs*) We later brought her to the Pantheon where Seth and I proceeded in teaching her the proper ways of egging, TPing, spray painting, and otherwise vandalizing property. I believe she did quite a nice job. If anyone seems to have damaged property....*smiles and points at the muse* That's your culprit. I do not envy the headache she will have in the morning.

All else aside, the night was a good one. I pray we might look into doing that again sometime.

current mood: cheerful

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Sunday, November 10th, 2002
9:48 pm
Hark, but what is this? It seems someone has bought me two months of paid livejournal time....*looks around for the anonymous gift-giver*

Either someone has taken a liking to me, or simply wishes me to stick around long enough for them to kill me slowly....*tugs at his lower lip in thought*

With all undue paranoia aside, I thank you. *bows deeply*

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7:55 pm
*Looks over the fae who are running to finish preparations for the party planed for the night, as the first few guests begin to arrive*

I believe this night shall be memorable...*smiles, a knowing look on his face, and takes a sip of an amber-coloured drink*

*turns his attention to the guests who are making their way into his temple* I would that you might sign the guest book, if you've a moment. *gestures toward the comment feature*

current mood: busy

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9:55 am
*groans lightly and rests the heel of his palm against his forehead*

Uncle, Uncle...Dear Uncle....You are more foolish than I had originally thought. You play with gasoline in the presence of not a match, but a blow-torch. I pray you don't fear burns. *turns his attention to Meagara, and smirks lightly, feigning heartbreak* You regifted, dear. *laughs* But I'm sure we'll all find it amusing while Ares struggles to open the box, only to realize that only one who bears the mark of the fae can open it... *smirks*

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Saturday, November 9th, 2002
3:34 pm
As you may have heard, I am having a party tomorrow night. I would that everyone would come, and spread the word. *smiles, then chuckles to himself* I believe it will be something to remember, wouldn't you say, Seth? *a devious grin creeps onto his face*

I ran into the Furies this afternoon. It was an interesting meeting. Dear Uncle, you may wish to take a look at Meagara's hand...*raises and lowers his eyebrows at Ares* I also spoke with the Muse. Amusing creature, though I'm willing to wager that she would be much more so if she was drunk. *snickers* My final contact was the lovely Isis. (There seems to be something behind your ear, Lady)

There are things to be done, so I am away.

current mood: contemplative

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8:12 am - *lips curl into a fiendish grin*
I seem to have attracted the fury of my Uncle... *smirks* Jealous, possessive man....*lowers his eyelids in thought*

In any matter, I have decided that if my father doesn't have time for a party over his place, I will have one at mine. (You're supplying the alcohol, though, Dad. You owe me one for telling Mom that you weren't seeing any other women.)

There is work to be done....changelings to be had, foolish cow-eyed females to bewitch, men's lives to ruin, and a party to plan. Good day to all.

current mood: dastardly

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Friday, November 8th, 2002
11:53 am
*rubs his shoulder, and notices the people around him*

What? Just because I'm a god, doesn't mean that I can't get bruised up....

I know I've been told before not to fight with the ghosts of Macbeth or Titus, but as a general rule, I don't take advice.

And the fact that I was drunk may have added to my disadvantage....*chuckles and grins crookedly* What can I say, though. Dad's got the best alcohol around.

current mood: sore but amused

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Monday, October 28th, 2002
9:32 pm - Good Morrow!
*lights a match and looks around the dark, unused place* A bit dusty, a bit lacking...But it will do. *lifts one side of his mouth in a lopsided grin*

I am Comus, better known as Puck thanks to my dear friend Will. In time, some of you will probably know me as "Robin Goodfellow". Others of you will know me as pure evil. *laughs heartily* Either way, you will know who I am.

I am rebelling against the Pantheon, and going back to the "word of mouth" (or fingers, in this case) system. So run, tell a friend about me. I'll give you a quarter.

*half-smiles again, before offering a short bow and blowing out the match, leaving the room in darkness again*

current mood: devious

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